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Do you want to learn to code, but you don't know where to start? Do you want to raise your SAT scores by hundreds of points? Is GMAT or GRE tutoring prohibitively expensive but precisely what you need to reach your educational dreams? I get it: the tutoring industry is flooded with overpriced services providing underwhelming results. AstroTutors is different. Here you will find a caring instructor with years of experience as a student and a teacher. A wide variety of small group and individual tutoring options are available to help you to achieve your mission.


For top-quality educational support, give AstroTutors a try!


My name is MJ

I am a tutor with over a decade of experience, custom curricula for a variety of topics, and three degrees in physics to back up my expertise. I can't wait to work with you or your student! Thank you for visiting my site. Please contact me if you have any questions. I can accept payments in your currency. I work with people in several time zones across the world. Je parle français!

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About Me


My name is Mykalin Jones, but you can call me MJ. As a young person, I found that I had to do things a little differently if I wanted to get the grades I needed. My mom pulled me out to homeschool me in middle school and that was when I really learned how to teach myself. This skill led me to begin showing others how to master difficult concepts and made me realize how much I loved teaching. While still in high school, I became a peer math tutor and worked for a small tutoring company in my town.

I went off to college to study physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. During this time, I started working on my own as a tutor and academic coach to neurodivergent students. I discovered a passion for making education accessible and working with individual learning styles.

I continued this work while finishing my first master's in Nuclear Science and Engineering. I also began teaching English as a second language, SAT/ACT prep, GRE prep, and coding.

After moving to France for my second master's in Particle Astrophysics, I continued teaching English and began supporting small businesses with their website and data analytics needs. I was also hired to teach small GMAT classes. Afterward, I began to offer GMAT tutoring on an individual basis. During this time, I wrote my own curriculum to teach children python. A curriculum for adults soon followed.

I have taught students from the age of 5 to 46 a variety of topics that expand all of the time. I continue to learn something new every day in this business. I can't wait to start learning with you!  



B.S. in Physics

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

My undergraduage degree was in physics. I completed my Major Qualifying Project in the topic of computational physics/particle astrophysics. I worked with Gent4 to produce a monte carlo simulation of the particle transport processes that may occur in the IceCube array due to a tau neutrino interaction


Master's in Nuclear Science and Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

During my masters in Nuclear science and Engineering I expanded my senior project into a thesis while also taking courses in radiation biology, health physics, and other topics in Nuclear and Particle physics. I also worked in the Math department as a Teaching Assistant.


Master's in Subatomic and Astroparticle Physics
Universite de Strasbourg

I spent two years in France completing my second master's with the PSA program. My final Thesis was with the Nuclear Astrophysics group, working on classifying a detector for potential addition to the STELLA apparatus.


The perfect tutor for my daughter!

Richard, SAT and Discrete Math

She is very caring and extremely knowledgeable. I am glad to have met her.

Priti, College Essays

She is incredibly skilled at breaking down complex ideas and presenting them in simple, easy-to-understand examples.

Dave, Physics and Math

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